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Our Customers

Lovely Prince wearing a Doggality bandana on a day out in the park. Barking Awesome!

Lovely Prince wearing a Doggality bandana while out walking with his humans. Even the fluffy ones can wear a Doggality bandana. Barking Awesome! 


Smokey looking the part for a special day out,  wearing one of Doggality's creations. Barking Awesome! 


Nala wearing a special made Doggality collection, for her 1st birthday. Barking Awesome!


Atilla wearing a custom made dog shirt collar and a Doggality bandana. Handsome little man. Barking Awesome!

So beautiful and delicate! Bless.

Lieutenant Thor rocking a custom made bandana.

Rudy looking so majestic in Doggality Shirt Collar and Bow Tiw @ Hall Markets.

The best model for an over the collar bandana. Diesel looking so posh. Barking Awesome!!!!

Skoda in Doggality' signature Bib bandana at Hall markets.

One of the most adorable pooches I have ever met. Archie!!!!!