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Doggality Story - Meet the critters

Smokey ( the Labrador) and Mr Pixel
I love pets and I really don’t care who knows it!
If you are visiting my website, you are like me. You spare no effort in spoiling your pets in a way that reflects the important place they have in our life as family members.
My mission is simple:  I want is to create unique items worthy of any pet of any personality and for any occasion.
I know that my time to celebrate the life of my pets is limited, therefore I will make sure that while they are with me, I make everything I can to make them happy and for me to enjoy their presence. 
I know each dog has its own personality and I am trying to incorporate this in every creation, by mixing different prints, patterns and distinct colours.
Doggality's quality guarantee: All fabric is thoroughly reviewed by Smokey’s customer fur-fection service, which he offers so kindly and every item is subjected to testing by the in-house team of critters (Smokey and Mr Pixel). 
I would love to hear from you, so, if you have the time, please write to me with your suggestions, feedback, issues, or simply, tell me about your pet (s).
My email is: