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Dog Collar and Bow Tie


Dog Collar and Bow Tie

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Very Stylish Shirt Collar with Bow Tie.

Size: Large, fits approx. 52 cm neck circumference. The collar's length can be easy adjustable with the Velcro fastening system. 

As the items are handmade, the sizing and shape can vary slightly from one item to another.

Please refer to Doggality's recommended sizing chart. 

Also, there may be slight variations and imperfections in some items. I believe this is one of the beautiful thing about owning a handmade item.

Every item made at Doggality is unique.

Doggality’s uniqueness is showcased in the masterful matching of the type, colour and print of fabric with the right accessories, in the choosing of the distinctive name that best represents the “vibe” of the item, in the design and the quality of craftsmanship.

Any of my products will surely make everyone smile.

Doggality's creations are the perfect accessory for every day and for every occasion. 

The price of each item reflects my time, workmanship and the cost of fabric.

I create my products in a variety of sizes. From XXS to XXL. If you need an item made in a special size for tea cups or for extra-large dogs, please email me the measurement and a picture of your dog. There is no charge for a special size – I will just cut one to fit your need.

I would very much love to see my creations on your fur baby.

Please take some snaps and send them to me and I will make sure that they will be showcased on Doggality’ social media platforms and featured on the website. 

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